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Early Summer Treatment

We know summer is the time that you want to be outside making the most of your garden, so a healthy, stronger and greener lawn is always our mission, which is why our Early Summer Treatment is so important.

Sunshine and an adequate amount of rain during the beginning of summer provides great conditions for all plant growth, so it is important during this stage to continue to provide nourishment that your lawn can use to defend against possible drought and scorching during the hotter months with an Early Summer Treatment.

Your lawn’s nutrient requirements change with every season which is why we carry out two treatments during the summer with our organic based fertiliser that is specially developed to encourage growth and strength during the dryer months. It contains slow and steady releasing nutrients that support and maintain the grass.

Whilst applying your Early Summer Treatment we will also carry out targeted maintenance and lookout for signs of any possible problem areas including, weeds, disease or patchy areas that may need more overseeding. 

How it works

Fertiliser – The summer fertiliser contains 100% slow and steady release nutrients so the plant has plenty of food for the coming weeks. It may also be a good time to boost the lawn with essential amino acids and sugars to promote good soil biology and aid overall lawn health. Find out more about our summer fertiliser.

Weed Control Spray – Our City & Guilds professional qualification means we have been certified and approved to use a specific herbicide safely to target only weeds during treatment.

What to expect

After this Early Summer Treatment your lawn should continue to prosper in a weed and moss free environment. The grass roots should be deep and strong which will help it deal with stress like drought and disease.

How to prepare

For best results please mow and clear your lawn of debris. Find out how to mow like a pro.


Yes, ideally you are looking to make the soil moist to around 6cm deep. For best results water in the morning rather than in the middle of the day as it is more likely to evaporate before it makes its way into the soil and reaches the roots. Avoid over-watering your lawn and leaving puddles as this will increase the chances of disease. Find out how to keep your lawn hydrated.

You may notice red strands on the tips of blades of grass and as it spreads it binds with other threads causing larger areas of brown, pinkish patches that can be misdiagnosed as drought damage. If you think you have spotted signs of Red Thread call us and talk to one of our Lawn Managers and they will be able to advise you of the best solution. Find out more about Disease Management and how So Green can help you keep them at bay.


Treatment Overview

  • WHEN

– April – July

  • WHY

– Assist strong grass growth
– Feed the soil and supply backup nutrition
– Weeds and moss have no space to grow

  • WHAT

Summer fertiliser
– Weed control spray

Request your Free Lawn Analysis

Before treating your lawn we will assess your lawn using our 12 Point Lawn Analysis. We will discuss the results with you and create a tailored lawn care programme that suits your lawn so you can make the most of your garden and leave the hard work to us.

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Seasonal Treatments


Spring is the season of growth, so it's time to prepare for the year ahead, providing your lawn with essential nutrients for optimum strength.

Late Summer

During the summer your lawn uses its energy to grow rapidly and so requires essential nutrients to fight against drought and disease.


Autumn is the time to prepare your lawn for the cold months ahead when grass growth slows but weeds and disease may prevail.


Winter is the time to protect and strengthen your lawn against the stresses of extreme temperatures and unpredictable weather conditions.

Annual Treatments


This is a vital ‘spring clean’ for the lawn and an essential annual treatment to remove unwanted organic matter such as dead grass, moss and weeds, to revive the shoots and thicken up the grass.


An essential Annual Treatment we recommend is the Hollow Tine Aeration; a process which relieves compaction, allows essential air exchange and improves soil hydration.


Grass, just like all plants, has a natural life cycle and will in time die off. Mowing the lawn prevents the grass from going to seed and so this is where overseeding is important.


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