Hollow Tine Aeration | Essential Annual Lawn Treatments

Hollow Tine Aeration

An essential Annual Treatment that we recommend as part of your lawn care programme is Hollow Tine Aeration. This is an important process that will allow more air and hydration into the soil by removing small plugs of earth from the surface of your lawn.

Your soil should ideally be 50% solids, 25% water and 25% air, but over time the soil becomes compacted and air and water slowly squeezed out. By making small channels, through Hollow Tine Aeration, it allows essential air exchange and water back into the soil which helps to restore the ecosystem which in turn will help the long-term health of your lawn.

Sometimes hollow tine aeration can be an underrated treatment, perhaps because it is one that focuses on the long term health of the lawn rather than delivering immediate results, but it is one we highly recommend as part of your lawn care programme to maintain a healthy, happy lawn.


How often should I aerate

We recommend aeration every 1 – 3 years however we also understand that every lawn is different, so after our analysis of your lawn and the soil conditions one of our Lawn Specialists will advise on the optimum programme for your lawn.

How it works

We have a mechanical hollow tine aerator that removes 2” deep and ½” wide plugs at approximately 45 plugs per square metre. This in total removes approx 5% of the surface soil.

What to expect

Hollow tine aeration focuses on the long term health of your lawn and therefore your lawn will look worse before it looks better. Unlike applying fertiliser, the results are not immediately satisfying but you can rest assured knowing that below the surface your soil is being revived with a well-needed air exchange and improved hydration and so you are helping to restore the soil ecosystem for a healthy, green lawn that will last.

How to prepare

For best results please mow and clear your lawn of debris. Find out how to mow like a pro.


All lawns require aeration so when a So Green Lawn Specialist visits, they will make an assessment using our 12 Point Lawn Analysis to advise when would be the best time to aerate for your lawn. This will include taking a soil core sample from your lawn, measuring soil compaction and analysing any thatch and moisture levels.

In general we do not fill the holes with sand. This is not required for the standard domestic lawn and only creates more work for you to do after the treatment. As part of our mission we want to give you a healthy green lawn that is as low maintenance as possible therefore sand is not required. We would only recommend this if you have heavy soil conditions with poor drainage.

We clear the cores from your lawn and dispose of them responsibly as they are quite unattractive and leave your lawn looking messy and patchy. We can however, offer 10% off Scarification and Hollow Tine Aeration treatments, if you are able to dispose of the organic matter yourself. Either by putting it on your own compost pile or by taking it as garden waste to your local waste site. (We will of course bag up all organic waste first and will never just leave it on your lawn). *We offer this discount because we are charged as professionals for waste disposal.


Treatment Overview

  • WHEN

– Spring (February – May)
– Autumn (September – November)

  • WHY

– Helps to relieve soil compaction
– Allows air and water penetration
– Gives the plants roots more room to grow
– Supports a healthy soil ecosystem.

  • WHAT

– Professional quality hollow tine aerator

Request your Free Lawn Analysis

Before treating your lawn we will assess your lawn using our 12 Point Lawn Analysis. We will discuss the results with you and create a tailored lawn care programme that suits your lawn so you can make the most of your garden and leave the hard work to us.

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Annual Treatments


This is a vital ‘spring clean’ for the lawn and an essential annual treatment to remove unwanted organic matter such as dead grass, moss and weeds, to revive the shoots and thicken up the grass.


Grass, just like all plants, has a natural life cycle and will in time die off. Mowing the lawn prevents the grass from going to seed and so this is where overseeding is important.


If you think it’s time for professional lawn repair or a complete lawn renovation book a free lawn analysis and we will be happy to assess your lawn and discuss a bespoke lawn care plan with you.


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