Organic Treatment | So Green Organic Bio Booster For Your Lawn

Organic Bio Booster

This organic treatment focuses on revitalising, strengthening and nourishing your lawn to prevent stress and imbalance that can lead to disease and other lawn-related problems.

This organic treatment consists of our Organic Bio Booster being sprayed over every square inch of your lawn to ensure that this 100% certified organic supplement covers the entire lawn and penetrates the soil for ultimate strength and protection and best of all, a boost in vibrancy to leave a lush, beautifully green looking lawn.  

This is the perfect organic treatment for every lawn, made from a completely organic seaweed supplement that supports soil health and improves the soil ecosystem. With more than 70 vitamins and minerals, including amino acids, magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron and of course nitrogen, the treatment gets to work quickly supplying the grass with all its essential nutrients.

Natural seaweed is a fantastic treatment for lawn care as it stimulates the bacteria in the soil acting as a catalyst to help the release of existing nutrients, prevention of disease and is completely safe for humans, plants and animals.


How it works

Our organic treatment consists of a high concentration of our liquid Organic Bio Booster being sprayed evenly over the entire lawn and foliage in order to reach the topsoil. In a short time this will make its way down into the soil and penetrate the roots zone.

What to expect

This organic treatment is one to revitalise your garden, and is hugely beneficial for the long term health of your lawn, supporting it over the coming months and years.

How it works

For best results please mow and clear your lawn of debris. Learn how to mow like a pro.


Yes, this is completely safe for humans and pets alike and made from completely organic natural materials.

Healthy grass is only a bi-product of healthy soil. The soil is the starting point from which a strong green lawn can grow. This means we need to build and support a balanced, healthy soil ecosystem so we can grow healthy, strong grass.

Seaweed is a brilliant natural Bio Booster as it’s packed with over 70 different nutrients and minerals, as well as being environmentally friendly as it comes from a renewable source.


Treatment Overview

  • WHEN

– All year round

  • WHY

– Suppress foliar diseases
– Enrich soil ecosystem 
– Increases biomass and variety of good bacteria
– Repel slugs and pests
– Encourage germination and root growth

  • WHAT

– Liquid Organic Bio Booster spray

Request your Free Lawn Analysis

Before treating your lawn we will assess your lawn using our 12 Point Lawn Analysis. We will discuss the results with you and create a tailored lawn care programme that suits your lawn so you can make the most of your garden and leave the hard work to us.

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Additional lawn Services


Hydration is a vital part of growing a healthy, green lawn because drought or Dry Patch puts stress on the soil ecosystem, and the lack of hydration causes the grass to weaken.


As with many lawn issues, the best prevention can come in the form of regular maintenance and a healthy lawn, but sometimes disease is hard to avoid, that’s why we’re here to help.


When it comes to insects in your garden not all of them are pests so we can help you to identify problem lawn grubs and how to prevent them in future.


Spiking is a less intensive type of aeration, involving holes being made in the surface of the soil at a depth of at least 3 inches using a solid-tine aerator.

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