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Grass, just like all plants, has a natural life cycle and will in time die off. Mowing the lawn prevents the grass from going to seed and so this is where overseeding as an essential Annual Treatment is vital to continue your lawn’s life by regularly introducing new grass into your lawn.

Treating your lawn with fertiliser will only feed and nourish existing grass but overseeding introduces new grass, helping to balance out the different species and thicken up the lawn.

Overseeding is good practice to maintain your lawn as it can also be helpful in crowding out moss and weeds. It is also an important part of restoring your lawn when it has been under stress or after more invasive treatments like scarification which can thin out the grass in the process of removing thatch, weeds and unwanted organic matter.



Treatment depends on the condition of your lawn but thinning and odd patches may be helped by some overseeding, so our Lawn Specialist will check your lawn and add spot overseeding to your lawn care programme if required.

Grass growth begins to slow after 5 – 6 years and will begin to thin out so we would recommend as a general rule to overseed every 1 – 4 years but again, this depends on the individual condition of every lawn.

How it works

Too little overseed could leave the lawn with patches. Too much overseed can create excessive competition among the grasses with not enough space, food or water to feed it all so you could be left with weak, less durable grass.

This is why we’re here, to analyse what your lawn needs and advise you how best to care for it. If we recommend overseeding for your lawn, we will first consider its condition and then choose a seed that will not only blend well with your existing grass, but help to restore it.

For best results we would recommend a Scarification and a Hollow Tine Aeration first. Then we will spread grass seed evenly over the required areas. Brushing the seed in to ensure the new seeds sit on the surface of the soil for optimum germination.

What to expect

Overseeding as a general rule has a 70% germination rate which we consider to be satisfactory, considering that every lawn is different, conditions vary and weather is unpredictable.

The new seeds will germinate within 3 – 15 days, depending on the weather, and it will take 4 – 8 weeks for the grass to become fully established in the correct growing seasons.

How to prepare

For best results mow your lawn shorter than usual. This will allow plenty of sunlight to reach the new seeds, greatly increasing their chances of germination.


After overseeding we recommend that you water the lawn regularly to ensure that the soil remains moist. Find out how to keep your lawn hydrated


As every lawn differs in grass species, soil type and growing conditions, we will first analyse your lawn before choosing the seed we use on your lawn. One thing that we ensure is that we use a variety of seeds that include around 5 different grass seed varieties. This way, your lawn will have a fuller appearance and become more dynamic in growth, as grass monoculture can inhibit resilience against diseases.

Over the next couple of months ensure that the soil is kept damp down to a depth of approximately 6cm as this will help the new seeds to germinate and to establish a strong and deep root base. Do not over water and leave puddles on the new lawn as this can encourage disease. During dry spells check the lawn more often and pay attention to shady patches as they will require less watering.

After overseeding, ensure the soil stays moist and try not to walk or use the lawn to allow the new seeds to germinate successfully and give the new lawn a chance to establish itself and take root.


Treatment Overview

  • WHEN

– Spring (March – May)
– Autumn (September – October)

  • WHY

– Prolong the life of your lawn
– Thicken up the lawn and crowd out moss & weeds
Introducing a variety of grass species assists in fighting disease
Help to maintain even grass coverage

  • WHAT

– 5 types of blended grass seeds

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Annual Treatments


This is a vital ‘spring clean’ for the lawn and an essential annual treatment to remove unwanted organic matter such as dead grass, moss and weeds, to revive the shoots and thicken up the grass.


An essential Annual Treatment we recommend is the Hollow Tine Aeration; a process which relieves compaction, allows essential air exchange and improves soil hydration.


This treatment focuses on revitalizing, strengthening and nourishing your lawn to prevent stress and imbalance that can lead to disease and other lawn-related problems.


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