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This is a vital ‘spring (& autumn) clean’ for the lawn, and an essential Annual Treatment to remove unwanted organic matter such as dead grass, moss and weeds as well as to revive the shoots and thicken up the grass.

Scarification is important for overall lawn health as it assists in the prevention of thatch and moss. If left, thatch will begin to block any fertiliser from penetrating the soil and can provide the ideal conditions for fungal diseases and a home for unwanted insects.

During scarification the tines (rake-like spikes) will also cut into the surface of the soil helping with the absorption of water and essential nutrients.



For best results we will scarify at least once every 12 months, the optimum time during spring, and another light scarification if required in the autumn.

Some people scarify every two or three years however we recommend once a year ideally to stay on top of moss and thatch.

How it works

The scarifier tines will comb through your lawn and pull out any thatch and moss whilst cutting into the surface of the soil.

What to expect

This depends on the condition of your lawn but during the scarification we will remove as much organic matter as is possible and then we will dispose of it responsibly. Your lawn will take approximately 2 – 4 weeks to recover fully but after this treatment it will be stronger and healthier than before. Dependant on the condition of your lawn, your Lawn Specialist may advise overseeding which can help to give you a fuller, thicker lawn.

How to prepare

For best results please mow and clear your lawn of debris. Find out how to mow like a pro.


Thatch can be easily identified. Simply push your finger down into the soil through your grass. If it is obstructed by any organic matter lying between you and the soil, that’s not vertically growing blades of grass, then you have thatch. A small amount of thatch is not necessarily a problem, as it can help some soil types to maintain moisture and a small thatch covering won’t entirely inhibit lawn fertilisers and water from penetrating the soil. However, it would be best to contact us and talk to a Lawn Specialist for how to proceed and avoid thatch build-up. Otherwise when our Lawn Specialist visits your lawn they will take a soil sample to evaluate how deep and dense the thatch is. Find out more about thatch.

We use a professional grade lawn scarifier, which is a very reliable and powerful machine that ensures we can pull out as much organic material and thatch as possible. It is also powerful enough to scratch through the surface of the soil in order to aerate and allow some essential air exchange and light penetration.

We collect all organic matter that comes from your lawn and dispose of it responsibly. We do however offer 10% off Scarification and Hollow Tine Aeration treatments if you are able to dispose of the organic matter yourself*. Either by putting it on your own compost pile or by taking it as garden waste to your local waste site. (We will of course bag up all organic waste first and will never just leave it on your lawn). *We offer this discount because we are charged as professionals for waste disposal.


Treatment Overview

  • WHEN

– Spring (March – May)
– Autumn (September – October)

  • WHY

– Remove the thatch layer
– Supports the lawn’s disease tolerance
– Fight moss levels
– Prevents thatch build-up

  • WHAT

– Professional grade lawn scarifier

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Before treating your lawn we will assess your lawn using our 12 Point Lawn Analysis. We will discuss the results with you and create a tailored lawn care programme that suits your lawn so you can make the most of your garden and leave the hard work to us.

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Annual Treatments


An essential Annual Treatment we recommend is the Hollow Tine Aeration; a process which relieves compaction, allows essential air exchange and improves soil hydration.


Grass, just like all plants, has a natural life cycle and will in time die off. Mowing the lawn prevents the grass from going to seed and so this is where overseeding is important.


This treatment focuses on revitalizing, strengthening and nourishing your lawn to prevent stress and imbalance that can lead to disease and other lawn-related problems.


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