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Seasonal Lawn Care Treatments

Seasonal lawn care treatments are vital because a lawn’s nutritional requirements change with every season. The most beautiful lawns are cared for and maintained all year round; it is essential for the optimum health and happiness of your lawn.

Your lawn never stops growing but it does need help and support to thrive, especially during the harshest seasons, from the wettest winters to the driest summers.

We like to work with our customers to care for their lawns, offering the best advice for watering, mowing and lawn maintenance when we’re not there, so that when we are, our treatments will have the best results.  

Therefore, it’s particularly important that we offer lawn care services all year round because during our 5 visits per year, we carry out essential treatments and supply the lawn and soil with specific nutrients and care according to the time of year, the lawn’s growth and its individual requirements.

Our visits also enable us to check up on the current condition of your lawn and carry out targeted maintenance. We will also keep a lookout for any tell-tale signs of stress, disease, pests or drought. The more we can assess and understand your lawn, the better we can work with you to best care for your lawn.

spring-crocusSpring is an important month for lawn growth, development and strengthening. We know too that you want to be outside enjoying the spring sunshine as much as possible, so a healthy lawn plays a big part in that.  Spring is the perfect opportunity to prepare your lawn for the upcoming summer months too, when lawns are under more stress with less rain and more sun which can cause imbalances in the soil. Our Spring Treatment gives your lawn a boost to encourage maximum greenness, health and strength with a specially formulated fertiliser blended with essential nutrients. 

Find out more about our Spring Treatment here

lawn-in-the-summer-lightSummer is the ultimate time to enjoy a healthy green lawn, which is why our mission is to always help you make the most of your garden all summer. Our Early Summer Treatment is so important because during early summer there is still an adequate amount of rain, and the sun usually makes an appearance too, which provides great conditions for all plant growth, so it’s important to continue to provide nutrients and care for your lawn in order for it to have the best possible defence against possible drought and scorching during the hotter months.

Conditions can vary dramatically from the beginning to the end of summer which is why we carry out two treatments during the summer, using a specially developed fertiliser that encourages growth and strength during the dryer months but contains slow and steady releasing nutrients to support the grass for the long-term.

Find out more about our Early Summer Treatment here.

bare-feet-walking-on-the-lawnSummer can be hugely stressful for lawns, with increased use from us, as well as stress caused by drought and excessive heat. Your lawn will use its energy to grow rapidly and to fight against these stresses which means that essential nutrients will be severely depleted.

Drought can be a problem for lawns, so as part of the Late Summer Treatment we use our specially formulated fertiliser, which requires watering in for optimum results. However, drought is not the only problem our lawns face during the summer, humidity can aid the development and spread of lawn diseases, so it is important during our Seasonal Treatment visits to spot check for problem areas and treat them effectively.

Find out about our Late Summer Treatment here.

raking-up-autumn-leaves-off-lawnAutumn, like spring, is the perfect time for renewal and strengthening for the coming months by providing your lawn with essential nutrients and carrying out mechanical treatments that will help to strengthen and prepare to handle the colder months when growth slows but weeds and disease can prevail. Our Autumn Treatment aims to enrich the soil and boost its health as well as to target problem areas.

We always recommend Essential Treatments such as Scarification and Aeration before our autumn fertiliser is applied as they will be particularly effective in helping to restore your lawn’s thickness and strength.

Find out more about our Autumn Treatment here.

grass-with-frostDespite the cold, during winter your lawn still requires care and maintenance. Growth will slow down but to combat the stresses of unpredictable conditions and extreme temperatures, our focus is on defence, strengthening and prevention of disease. Your lawn requires nourishment to keep it strong through to the spring. Our Winter Treatment targets moss during the damper, colder months and provides the essential micronutrients which will help to green-up your lawn, even during the darker months.

Find out more about our Winter Treatment here.

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Annual Treatments


This is a vital ‘spring clean’ for the lawn and an essential annual treatment to remove unwanted organic matter such as dead grass, moss and weeds, to revive the shoots and thicken up the grass.


An essential Annual Treatment we recommend is the Hollow Tine Aeration; a process which relieves compaction, allows essential air exchange and improves soil hydration.


Grass, just like all plants, has a natural life cycle and will in time die off. Mowing the lawn prevents the grass from going to seed and so this is where overseeding is important.


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