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Spring Treatment

Spring is the season of growth, so it's time to give some thought to your garden and most importantly, your lawn, by beginning preparation for the year ahead to give it the best chance for maximum enjoyment and ultimate greenness.

Our spring treatment can help by giving your grass the kickstart it needs to encourage optimum growth without the need for excessive mowing with our specially formulated  fertiliser and its blend of essential nutrients. You can expect to see results just days after our treatment.

The weather may be improving but we’re still likely to have wet and cold spells which can give the weeds and moss an upper hand if left. Our specialists are always on the look out for these issues and ready to treat any problem areas on your lawn as quickly and efficiently as possible during their visits and as part of your extensive lawn care programme.  

How it works

Fertiliser – As part of our spring treatment, our fertiliser for this time of year has the correct balance of nutrients which is the key to a plant’s health, including a higher dose of Nitrogen, vital for grass growth, vibrancy of colour, thickening, and it encourages the grass to tiller (send out shoots). This nutrient boost is important to give your lawn a kickstart after the cold winter weather, which is why it also offers a small percentage of fast release nutrients that the plant can use straight away, as well as slow release nutrients that will support growth throughout spring. Find out more about our fertiliser.

Organic Bio Booster Spray – This is a completely organic seaweed fertiliser to supplement soil health and improve its ecosystem. With more than 70 vitamins and minerals, the seaweed stimulates the bacteria which helps to release existing nutrients, aids in the prevention of disease and helps the break down of organic matter – particularly helpful on lawns with thatch, and is completely safe for humans, plants and animals. Find how seaweed benefits your lawn.

Moss Control Spray – When required this helps to kill moss and green-up your lawn by providing the essential micronutrients required for chlorophyll production and so maintains the overall health of the lawn, improves strength and durability, and helps in the resistance of disease and fungal problems.

What to expect

After the spring treatment you will see growth and a boost of colour in your lawn between 24 hours and 5 days after your Spring Treatment. (Results will depend on weather conditions.)

How to prepare

There is little for you to do in preparation for our spring treatment, however, for best results please mow and clear your lawn of leaves and any debris. Find out how to mow like a pro.


You only really need to water your lawn when the soil is dry but preferably before the grass shows signs of drought – when it becomes pale or starts to brown. You can test the moisture level of your soil by using a screwdriver; push it into the soil, if it is dry when removed you probably need to water. For best results and to avoid problems of drought damage or dehydration don’t wait until you think the soil is dry, we advise you to follow a regular watering schedule. Find out how to best keep your lawn hydrated all year round.

Generally during growing seasons (spring and autumn) you can mow your lawn shorter, to around 25mm – 30mm in height; however, during summer when its hotter and dryer growth slows, you should leave your lawn taller, cutting it no shorter than 50mm high.

The golden rule is to never cut more than one-third off at any one time.

Find out how to mow like a pro.

Yes and for best results after every treatment we recommend leaving the treated area/s undisturbed for a minimum of 3 hours to ensure the fertiliser can properly penetrate the soil and to prevent children and pets from eating the fertiliser. Grazing animal, like rabbits, should not be allowed on treated areas for 2 weeks.


Treatment Overview

  • WHEN

– February – April

  • WHY

– Encourage growth
– Improve appearance
– Improve plant health
– Control moss and weeds

  • WHAT

– Spring formulation fertiliser
– Moss control spray
– Weed control spray

Request your Free Lawn Analysis

Before treating your lawn we will assess your lawn using our 12 Point Lawn Analysis. We will discuss the results with you and create a tailored lawn care programme that suits your lawn so you can make the most of your garden and leave the hard work to us.

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Seasonal Treatments

Early Summer

Summer is the time that you want to be outside making the most of your garden, so a healthy, stronger and greener lawn is always our mission.

Late Summer

During the summer your lawn uses its energy to grow rapidly and so requires essential nutrients to fight against drought and disease.


Autumn is the time to prepare your lawn for the cold months ahead when grass growth slows but weeds and disease may prevail.


Winter is the time to protect and strengthen your lawn against the stresses of extreme temperatures and unpredictable weather conditions.

Annual Treatments


This is a vital ‘spring clean’ for the lawn and an essential annual treatment to remove unwanted organic matter such as dead grass, moss and weeds, to revive the shoots and thicken up the grass.


An essential Annual Treatment we recommend is the Hollow Tine Aeration; a process which relieves compaction, allows essential air exchange and improves soil hydration.


Grass, just like all plants, has a natural life cycle and will in time die off. Mowing the lawn prevents the grass from going to seed and so this is where overseeding is important.


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