You only really need to water your lawn when the soil is dry but before the grass shows signs of drought – when the grass blades change to a pale or brown colour. You can carry out the screwdriver test by pushing a screwdriver down into the soil. If the screwdriver is clean and dry when removed you probably need to water the soil. You can avoid problems of drought damage or dehydration if you follow a regular watering schedule. Find out more about how to keep your lawn hydrated

Yes, and for best results after every treatment we recommend leaving the treated area/s undisturbed for 3 hours to ensure the fertiliser can properly penetrate the soil and to prevent children and pets from eating the fertiliser. Grazing animals like rabbits should not be allowed on treated areas for 2 weeks.

By far the easiest and most simple way to pay for your lawn care is by signing up for an annual lawn care programme and paying regular Direct Debits which we can organise for you – plus if you sign up for a direct debit we give you 5% off. We also accept Bank Transfer, Cheque and Cash payments.

The question is simple – are you happy with the state of your lawn or could it be improved? Is your grass lush, thick and green or does your lawn have weeds and moss? If you’re not sure, don’t worry, we can organise a Lawn Manager to visit you and your lawn and after a FREE and thorough 12 Point Lawn Analysis you will know if you need lawn care and how we can help.

We understand how important it is for your loveable canines to get out in the garden and how much they love being outside, but unfortunately man’s best friend is not always a lawn’s best friend. Urine can burn patches of grass as it is effectively a concentrated form of nitrogen but rest assured there are a few things you can do to prevent severe damage. The best solution is to dilute the urine with plenty of water either by pouring a bucket of water where your dog has been or by regularly watering your lawn with a sprinkler. This is particularly important in dry spells.

We are environmentally conscious with every treatment and we carry out and promote the use of organics whenever possible. We also take waste products seriously, organic or not, we will dispose of everything responsibly. Find out more about our Organic Focus Programme.

As part of your annual lawn care programme we will visit your lawn at least 5 times a year at 10 week intervals to carry out our seasonal treatments. However we will visit to carry out any additional lawn treatments or maintenance if and when required.

Yes, we have the Organic Focus Programme that offers completely organic lawn treatments. Contact us to find out more.

We would ask that you regularly remove debris and leaves from your lawn as this supports the prevention of disease. We will let you know when we will be visiting to treat your lawn approximately one week in advance so you are able to clear your lawn of leaves and debris.

Yes, we are officially certified with City & Guild’s professional pesticides qualification, which is required by law in order to handle all professional pesticides. We always ensure we are up to date with the latest news, regulations and science concerning domestic lawn care and are continually learning and developing our methods to best treat lawns.

Yes. Regular lawn maintenance on top of our lawn care is the key to a healthy green lawn. For best results you should follow a regular mowing and watering schedule, as well as the regular removal of leaves and debris from your lawn. This allows you to keep a closer track of the health of your lawn so if and when you spot any problems you can call us and we can assess and treat it as soon as possible.

For best results we ask that you mow your lawn 3 days prior to our visit and clear your lawn of any leaves or debris. Find out how to mow like a pro.

You should start to see the effects of our treatments within a week. First, moss will begin to brown and die away, then the grass will become lush and green, this will be followed by the weeds beginning to die away. You will see instant changes as well as long term improvements and after a year of lawn care you should be able to notice a visible difference in the vibrancy and health of your lawn.

The Lawn Manager who visits you will spend approximately 30 minutes assessing your lawn thoroughly using our 12 Point Lawn Analysis. They will then discuss the results with you and advise you on how we can best improve your lawn. We also like to find out a little about how your lawn is used so we can best treat it and help you to make the most of it.

This depends on the size of your lawn, as we have to ensure we treat your entire lawn as best we can. We will never rush any treatment, big or small and always endeavour to leave your lawn and garden in better condition than when we arrived. We stand by the saying: ‘Leave No Trace’.

For best results we recommend leaving your lawn for 3 hours after our visit so the treatment can properly get to work as effectively as possible without being disturbed.

No, as long as we can gain access to your lawn you do not need to be there when we visit to treat your lawn. We will always tell you when we are going to visit and leave a calling card once we have, letting you know what treatments have been carried out.

Yes, please call us with any questions you have, even if you are not a customer. We have a passion for lawn care and seek to help everyone enjoy their outside spaces as much as possible.

Yes, when mowing it is best practice to collect your clippings because this can help prevent against diseases, thatch, weeds and moss.