How to care for my lawn in winter - Winter Lawn Care

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How to care for my lawn in winter - Winter Lawn Care

We know that winter doesn’t conjure images of gardening and mowing but just because things slow down during the winter doesn’t mean they stop altogether. In fact, your grass does still grow, just much slower than in spring and autumn, and during the winter there are still important winter lawn care tasks to carry out in order to keep your lawn as healthy as possible.

You can give as much or as little of your time to your winter lawn care as you wish, but the time you do give your lawn during the winter is very little compared to other seasons, but it can make the world of difference to its condition come spring.


Top 6 essential winter lawn care tips:

Avoid walking on the lawn during frost, ice or snow.

Frost or snow-covered lawns are best left to thaw before walking on because this can kill the grass. When the water within the grass blades crystallise in cold weather, they become very brittle and will snap easily when stood on, which can cause the grass to die. The grass will recover, but we advise that you simply try to avoid walking on it during frosts or snowy periods.

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Clear off leaves and debris

The best habit you can learn is to keep your lawn clear all year round to help reduce the chances of disease, weeds, moss, thatch build-up and pest problems.

Leaving debris, leaves and cuttings can encourage many lawn problems, such as diseases like Fusarium or ‘Snow Mould’. A domestic lawn disease that tends to present itself September to March. Long periods of snow cover or leaves left on the lawn will not only add to thatch and provide the ideal conditions for mould and moss to grow, but it also provides the humid, damp conditions that help such diseases to thrive, which can cause severe damage and kill the grass if allowed to spread.

What to look out for: Small orange or yellow patches, roughly the size of a tennis ball, which will increase in size if left untreated.

Heres more on why you should clear leaves from your lawn.

Mow when necessary (hugely dependent on weather and ground conditions)

When the temperature reaches above 5 C the grass will still grow, which can be most of our winter days. If you notice your lawn needs a mow, wait for a mild dry day with no frost and cut it high, no shorter than 50mm high. Mowing in general causes grass a degree of stress because all grass wants to do is grow, in spring this is fine because there’s optimum conditions for growth and plenty of available energy to feed and nourish its new shoots, but in winter, we keep the lawn higher so the grass can conserve its energy, and keep any nutrition for itself rather than trying too much too soon.

Aerate waterlogged lawns

If your lawn is particularly susceptible to waterlogging or is squelchy to walk on it’s probably a sign that the ground is compacted and is no longer draining effectively. Drainage can also be an issue with clay-heavy lawns. It can hugely helpful to aerate it when possible, and will assist nutrient and air penetration, to improve drainage during winter. This can be done with a regular garden fork and carried out on a milder winter day when there’s no frost or ice.

Top Tip: You may want to consider Hollow Tine Aeration for a more thorough aeration and if waterlogging has become a big problem in your garden.

Service your mower:

Winter is also a great opportunity to service your mower; clean it, have the blades sharpened and get it ready for spring. We recommend that you have your blades sharpened after approximately 8 – 12 hours of use or at least once a year as this will ensure an efficient, smooth cut. When mower blades are blunt, they rip through the grass causing unnecessary stress and gives you an uneven cut.

We recommend visiting: Winchester Garden Machinery for all your Garden Machinery needs including lawn mower repairs and servicing. They have been in business for nearly 50 years and are a pleasure to do business with.  We use them every time without question.

Book a Winter Lawn Care Treatment:

Despite slower growth, your lawn still needs nourishment and help in order to prevent fungal diseases and to keep moss at bay.

Our Winter Treatment helps to strengthen grass and targets moss which thrives during the damper, colder months. Our treatment also provides the essential micronutrients that are used for chlorophyll production in all plants which will help to green-up your lawn during the darker months, as well as assist the process of photosynthesis, to ensure the longevity and the health of your lawn over the winter period.

Book a Winter Treatment here.

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