The ultimate 5 step DIY spring lawn care guide

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The ultimate 5 step DIY spring lawn care guide

Why spring lawn care is important for your lawn’s health

Welcome to the growing season and the ultimate 5 step DIY spring lawn care guide. Now is the time to get those green-fingers working for a beautiful lawn that’s thriving and ready for long summer days and impromptu BBQs!

We want to share a few spring lawn care tips that could help you to best care for your lawn from spring to summer, and give your grass the rejuvenation it needs after a long cold period. After all, year-round lawn care makes for a healthy, beautifully green lawn.

But why spring?

You may be well-versed in giving your home a spring clean every year? Well, we suggest that every spring your lawn undergoes a spring clean of sorts. Not every lawn will require it as regularly but some, after winter, may be looking a little worse for wear. Moss may have built-up, weeds may be starting to appear, and some lawns will have become water-logged during the wetter season. This is where our 5 step DIY spring lawn care guide comes in handy.

So, like any new home, your lawn needs good foundations to stay strong and resistant to disease and weeds. If you were to simply add new seed to your existing lawn it may grow at first but soon the weeds may take over and the moss and thatch will inevitably stop any nutrients and water reaching the roots and the grass would die. But, if you give your lawn a spring clean; scarify that thatch and moss, aerate the soil to allow oxygen back in, top dress to supply nutrients, overseed to introduce new, stronger grass and feed your lawn, it should come bouncing back into full health for a lovely long summer of fun. And the great thing is, you can carry out spring lawn care yourself in just 5 steps.

5 Step DIY Spring Lawn Care Guide

Step 1: Scarify

Rake thoroughly to remove thatch and moss. Ensure the tines cut into the soil to open it up and allow oxygen to re-enter.
Pro method: Heavy duty petrol scarifier
DIY method: Rake

Result: Water and nutrients will now reach the roots.

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Step 2: Aerate

Stab your fork into the ground and wiggle back and forth to break up the soil. (Hollow Tine Aeration is advised for more thorough aeration.)
Pro method: Heavy duty petrol Hollow Tine Aerator
DIY method: Fork/spiker

Result: CO2 in the soil will be exchanged for oxygen and nutrients will reach the roots.

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Step 3: Top dress

Use a 100% compost top dressing, spread an even 1-inch layer over the lawn and rake in – great for every type of lawn.

Result: Boosts soil fertility and improves soil structure.

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Step 4: Overseed

Take advantage of the strengths of different grass varieties. Use 70% Rye (hardy) and 30% Fescue (fine) for a thick green sward.
Pro method: Seed spreader for even distribution
DIY: Hand spread

Result: A greener, thicker, more stress-resistant lawn.

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Step 5: Feed

Use a natural, organic fertiliser (follow the instructions for spreading).
Pro: Professional spreader or knapsack sprayer
DIY: Hand spread or use a watering can

Result: A nourished, stronger lawn.

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There you have it, spring lawn care in just 5 steps with the tools you have in your very own shed. But sometimes you do need a little extra help so don’t hesitate to call us. We can do as much or as little as you like, so if it is a heavier scarification you require, we’ll be on hand with our professional machinery and then we’ll leave you to it. Or you may want to consider regular lawn care to maintain your beautiful lawn all year round? No need to decide just yet but if you have any questions we’re here to help, call us on 08000 665465 for lawn care advice or to book a free lawn analysis with a So Green Lawn Specialist.