Why Choose Winchester Garden Machinery

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Why Choose Winchester Garden Machinery
We have partnered with Winchester Garden Machinery (WGM) and we recommend them because not only do they offer ‘the best advice, best price and best choice…in garden machinery’ but they have a 48 year reputation to prove it and one which has led them to become ‘one of the UK’s largest specialist dealers of garden machinery.’ At So Green we take pride in our service. Our main goal is to care for your lawn and offer excellent communication and customer service. When we receive a recommendation, our aim is to exceed expectations and so we take yours and our recommendations seriously.  


Your lawn care

When you instruct us to begin your lawn care we do our utmost to give you the healthiest, greenest lawn, free of weeds, but that is where our care ends and where your lawn care begins. Caring for your lawn in between our visits is just as important as our treatments, which means ensuring you have the right tools for the job. 
  • Do you have a mower fit for your lawn?
  • When was the last time your current mower had a service?
  • Are the blades sharp? (This is very important for the health of your lawn). 
  • Could you be in need of other garden machinery to better care for your lawn but need help from the experts? 
This is where Winchester Garden Machinery comes in. Yes, the internet is full of information but we know that can be overwhelming because as with all things relating to nature, your garden and conditions are unqiue, so why not talk to them. Visit their website, give them a call or pop in to see how they could help you. 
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 Why WGM?

  • 48 years of experience
  • Excellent customer service
  • Real people who care
“We have three fully equipped service centres at Winchester, Liss, and Sunningdale with trained mechanics able to carry out a range of service and repair tasks on everything from chainsaws to tractors. We also have mobile mechanics able to service tractors and ride-on mowers at your location. Please call our Service Department on 01962 856 468 to book your machine in.”


We choose Winchester Garden Machinery

We require our machines to be ready and safe to use throughout the year which is why we use WGM for our garden machinery needs. Whether it’s for new parts, like replacement blades for the well-used petrol Eliet Scarifier (after a spring of renovations they wear-out fast), or having our petrol leaf blowers serviced (an extremely fiddly job that’s best left to the pros). It gives us peace of mind knowing that our machines are working efficiently, are safe to use and are going to be reliable for the season. Service is quick and reliable and the team are knowledgeable, approachable and friendly, which is why we keep going back to Winchester Garden Machinery.  Visit the WGM website and find out more.  Find out how to mow like a pro here